Classic elegance with twist of the exotic

About us:

Silkworks Textiles Inc. was founded in San Francisco in 1979 by Michael McCowan.  From 1985 to late 1993 Silkworks Textiles Inc. was directed under  Brower ‘s Ownership.  In 1994 Dadgar and Moradi became the new owners and under their direction the company continued to produce award winning design in hand-painted and hand printed fabric for the  interior industry.

Silkworks Textiles Inc. has expanded considerably over the last ten years and is represented nationally in all the major U.S. cities as well in some international showrooms.  It has increased its capacity to produce fabrics as well as its repertoire of designs offered.  SILKWORKS has moved to the forefront of innovative textile design and established a reputation for producing elegant contemporary fabrics for residential and contract for indoor as well as outdoor application.  The designs, while contemporary, are classical and timeless and fit well into any environment.

Silkworks Textiles Inc. employs a staff of talented artists who contribute significantly to the design and production process.  The  combination of creative personnel with modern technology results in unique fabrics, commercially produced.  The various techniques used in the process combine silk screening and hand painting with dyes, sometimes using chemical reactants to create textural effects.  The resultant product evokes an elegant look, which is at once both classical and contemporary, subtle and dramatic.

In addition to doing research and development on its own line, SILKWORKS offers a custom service to designers and has worked nationwide with many of the most creative talents in the industry.  The fabrics have been installed in exclusive yachts and aeroplanes, hotels and restaurants, department stores and offices, as well as houses throughout the country.  Some of Silkworks Textiles Inc.’ fabrics are also displayed in the permanent collection of the cooper Hewitt Museum in New York.

Silkworks Textiles Inc.  has introduced cotton fabrics into its collection and offers many of the same patterns on either silk or cotton.  A variety of weights of silks are employed, from lightweight, shiney dupions to heavier, organic weaves that look like linen.  The cotton sateen with its luxurious finish lends itself to a broad array of rich colors and textures and can be used in place of or in conjunction with the silk.

We continue to explore new ideas, techniques and technologies in our pursuit of originality and quality in our designs.  this has become our reputation and your support has made this possible We thank you.